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Vizlib Finance Report v3.8.0 released!

Release Date: 21/01/21

- [FR-1449]: Finance Report performance improvements

Performance has received several updates in this release. Scroll and expand specifically are significantly faster but also several other smaller fixes have been made (Including a workaround of a still existing Qlik Sense bug where a spinner runs in the background and consumes CPU). Extra testing has been performed on our end due to the large number of changes but please test this version extra carefully and report any bugs or things not working as expected to 

- [FR-1446]: Change to measures on top in columns

Measures can now be on top with dimensions below.

- [FR-1439]: Upgrade Viztips to allow using KPI Designer Master Item Layers

When using Viztips it is now possible to use Master Item layers such as for example a Waterfall chart

- [FR-1351]: Allowing totals to be placed first/last

For both columns and rows we can now decide if totals should be placed first or last. The setting is found on each dimension. Note: This feature does currently not work with measures on top of dimensions. That will be fixed in a later release.

- [FR-1431]: Option to control dimension column width

Two new options are available to control the width of the dimension column. It can be set to a fixed width (in pixels) or relative to the width of the table.

- [FR-1453]: Issue with using multiple FR in Qlik extension bundle container

This fix was only for the Qlik container. Finance Report has worked (and still does work) with both the Vizlib Grid Container and Vizlib Container Box.

- [FR-1444]: Applied bookmark does not stick

Sometimes bookmark would not stay applied.

- [FR-1441]: Viztips display same data when two Finance Reports are on the same sheet

It is now possible to have multiple Finance Reports with different Viztips on the same sheet.

- [FR-1454]: Sheet export to blank pdf and image 

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