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Vizlib Table v3.16.0 released!

Release Date: 28/01/21

- [LIB-8110]: Support for Complex Expressions in Mini-Charts
Minicharts now support expressions with multiple parts and set analysis in all parts of the expression.

- [LIB-8244]: Navigate Action in Dimension Doesn't Work

When selections aren't disabled in dimension all actions don't work.

- [LIB-7972]: Wizard Button Console Error

Wizard button was exposed in master Item visualizations without going into the edit phase of the master item.

- [LIB-8252]: Export as TSV File

When exporting to TSV the result was a tab delimited csv file, without the user awareness to this behaviour.
The result remains the same as this is limitation of Qlik export API.

- [LIB-7973]: Mater Measure Console Error

Console errors after turning "master measure formatting" on.

- [LIB-8121]: Hover Highlight On Null Value Cells

Hover effect isn't reflected on null value cells when using stripes background option is enabled.

- [LIB-8194]: Calculate Column Section 

When "Master measure formatting" is on "calculate column if" gets hidden (Unique to Qlik September 2020).

- [LIB-8055]: Scroll Bar in Firefox

In Firefox the Vizlib Table has an additional Scroll Bar you can't Remove.

- [LIB-8106]: Multi-Select Action Limitations

Add a message in Vizlib Actions section to inform on Vizlib Action multiselect limitation.

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