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Vizlib Custom Report v5.9.1 released!

Release Date: 22/02/21

As you will see from the list below, this release has quite a few fixes around Analytic Search and Bookmarks. These issues might have seen random to users but we should not have gotten to the bottom of the logic behind those problems. As always, let us know if any issues still persist. (Also, please do clear any old variables in your application as described at the bottom of this article if you have issues with bookmarks, defaults or presets.)

- [VSS-1561]: The selection filter doesn't always respond

Sometimes (but seemingly random) this little filter icon did not respond to clicks. 

- [VSS-1511]: Custom report bookmarks not working properly 

The Custom Report did not properly clear previous dimensions and measures from the Analytic Search bar. 

- [VSS-1508]: Vizlib Custom Report - visualization not working when Bookmark is applied

When automatic chart selection was disabled the visualization would not be detected by Analytic Search. As a consequence the chart did not always render as expected.

- [VSS-1467]: Console error when using clear dim/measure buttons on defer layout

Console shall not throw errors (except when needed and it was not needed in this case).

- [VSS-1452]: Custom Report using in Container Grid does not allow Search bar pop-up

All parts of the Custom Report should now work as expected even inside the Vizlib Container Grid

- [VSS-1493]: Visualization choice isn't registered when "Visualization options set to Icons"

Somewhat related to VSS-1508 there was an issue when automatic chart selection was off in combination with using icons to select visualization.

- [VSS-1501]: Custom Report - Bookmark does not change visualisation when applied

Some items where included in Analytic Search but not in the actual table. This mismatch caused an issue with the chart rendering. 

- [VSS-1503]: After upgrading from v4.2.1 to v5.8.1 bookmarks no longer work

Some older bookmarks did not react as they should. The selections would show in the left menu but not in the visualization. 

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