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Vizlib Table v3.16.2 released!

Release Date: 02/03/21

- [LIB-8694]: Selections are Active in Read Only Mode

On enabling 'Selections in dimension' and having the Table Mode set to 'Read Only' we are able to make dimension selections in the table.

- [LIB-8672]: Null Values Don't Appear in Initial Display

Null values symbol only shown when hover with mouse.

- [LIB-8470]: Dimensions Display Order

Dimensions display order is changed if you use show\hide to one of the dimensions.

- [LIB-8613]: Selections are Active In Dimension Read Only Mode

Disabling selections in a dimension doesn't work, and you can still make selections.

- [LIB-8623]: Export total row in Image

When the total row is at the bottom exporting doesn't include the total row.

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