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Vizlib Gantt v1.9.0 released!

Release Date: 11/03/21

- [VGT-269]: Multi-selection

Select multiple Gantt events and groups in a few clicks. Just like Vizlib Library, multiple data points can be selected quickly.

- [VGT-267], [VGT-274] : Multi-line milestone text

Longer milestones extend the level of detail that can be added to Gantt. Reference decisions in time, with context and background 

- [VGT-215]:  Side by side events

Save space and keep your project in view at all times. Show events which are back-to-back, side by side instead of cascading

- [VGT-229]: Display timeline at the bottom

Timeline display can be swapped to the bottom to replicate other project planning tools and leave space in key areas to display your project data instead.

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