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Vizlib Custom Report v5.10.2 released!

Release Date: 22/04/21

As part of the fix below we also added a functionality to update all measures in a Custom Report with the number formats used in the Qlik Sense script. Using this feature will update all measures in all custom data-sets (not data-sets from Master Item tables, those will still use the number format from the table. ) To use the feature, simply press this button (you will have to also confirm in a next step so don't worry about accidentally pressing this button). This feature is also useful if developers are using different number formats (due to regional settings) and you want to correct them after changing (and loading) the script.

- [VSS-1715]: While creating new custom report through custom dataset, custom report does not respect app formatting

Custom Data sets should always pick up the defaults number format from what the Qlik application uses (i.e. what is set in the variables in the load-script).

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