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Vizlib Custom Report v5.10.3 released!

Release Date: 07/06/21

- [VSS-2007]: Blinking after opening visualization settings in property panel

Expanding of the visualization settings in the property panel caused the visualization to reload constantly. 

- [VSS-1728]: Master Measure formatting toggle is disabled when adding new data to the data set

When editing the master item the number formats would reset also on items that were not added/changed.

- [VSS-1733]: Auto sorting in Dimensions Custom Report not working as expected

Sorting options should now behave as in other charts (i.e. like in the table)

- [VSS-1688]: Sorting Groups are lost after app is refresh or re open.

The sorting of groups was not kept when the app was closed and repopened

- [VSS-1463]: Custom Report settings are outdated

Settings for the Sankey chart limit are no longer valid and the setting was removed from the property panel to avoid confusion.

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