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Vizlib Toolbar v1.0.1 released!

Release Date: 10/06/21

This release include quite a few minor (cosmetic and edge case) fixes. We have however quite significantly improved the speed of selections if you have many objects so if you were experiencing laggy selections this update should resolve that!

Corrections we made in alignment settings could in some rare cases mean you will need to readjust the settings to fit data properly. 

- [VSS-2010]: Changes not detected in selection-bar buttons

- [VSS-2014]: Border option in button is not visible on init

- [VSS-2016]: Changing Output type to Slider (Wizard) and moving mouse cursor starts generating console errors.

- [VSS-2006]: Two Toolbars with similar dimensions and including a radio button update colors wrong

- [VSS-2004]: Custom data ranges option is not visible on init in calendar

- [VSS-1985]: Underline option doesn't work for Selection bar - Radio button.

- [VSS-1993]: Max slider value changes when Step > Max slider value.

- [VSS-1994]: Slider Dot is not centered when Inherit global settings is off (vertical).

- [VSS-1990]: Delete element button is not working correctly.

- [VSS-1951]: Top Label position for Slider still positions to the left but moves it to the top. 

- [VSS-1965]: Changing Object alignment (or other settings) causes Selection bar items to change their position for a short while.

- [VSS-1986]: Variable should only be possible to set to one value

- [VSS-1987]: Underline option (Font settings) affects labels.

- [VSS-1962]: Setting up 'Max dropdown height' as 730 or more puts 'search' input out of the screen.

- [VSS-1980]: Styles are not blocked when Lock field action is used.

- [VSS-1981]: Incorrect styles behavior when we use Lock all selected action.

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