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Vizlib Heatmap v1.13.2 released!

Release Date: 23/06/21

- [LIB-9355]: Mouse Over Display

When tooltip display is disabled, mouse hover highlight of a cell stays on screen. 

- [LIB-9438]: Measures Title 

When there are alternative measures, the label of the current measure is covering the heatmap colors legend.  

- [LIB-9445]: Heatmap doesn't work on IE

Heatmap object is responsive in IE 11.

- [LIB-9224]: Long Dimensions Labels

In Qlik Sense November 2020 version, dimensions items with long labels, display a truncated text of the dimension.

- [LIB-8884]: Alternate Dimension

Heatmap doesn't allow alternate dimension change when it's a master item.

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