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Adjustments Tool Bar (Selecting Master Element & Filter Selection like Standard)

about the following things I would be happy, so I could use the Tool Bar as a replacement and better variant.
Here are the first two main points:

  1. Element List → Chosse Input → Also option to select a master element not only dimension, variable, action or bookmark 


  2. Using the Element as Filter: Missing there the options like in the normal filters from qlik - confirmin, selecting the opposite 


  • Hi,
    ​Thank you for helping out with valuable input!

    The option to add master items is probably more suited for the KPI Designer extension where you already have that functionality. (The Toolbar is more focused on interaction whereas KPI Designer does a better job at displaying visualizations.)

    For the Filter we do not intend to completely overlap the (full and more customizable) functionality of Vizlib Filter but I agree we should add a few more features to make it more complete. We are looking at how we want to handle options like confirmation, selecting excluded etc. but no timeline for that is set yet. I will keep your ticket open and connect your it to our internal task when we get closer to development of the feature. You will then be automatically notified once the feature is available for download.

    Kind regards

    Please note your unique ticket reference (#26619) and URL

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