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Wrapping Text in Writeback Tables

Hey all - currently expanding our use of the Writeback Table from the Collaboration package and so far we've had a lot of good feedback from both users and developers.

There is one major issue though that really hampers the UX and this is that text does not wrap in their respective cells.

A lot of comments input are lengthy and so after inputting it's really hard for users to read back through their input easily + makes auditing responses less than ideal for managers. The only solution to this we have is to create a separate table to pull these comments in that allows for wrapping and this isn't a great user experience for any of them. As you can see in the example screenshot, on a normal user view, you get barely any of the inputted text in view.

Would really be ideal if this text wrapping could be added as a new feature to these tables - it's really the only thing holding us back from fully migrating all our existing writeback apps across to Vizlib Writeback Tables.

  • Hi Ryan,
    thank you for your input! That feature is already available. 

    You find it in the settings for text/text area here:

    I hope this helps and allows you to go ahead with the implementation of Vizlib Writeback. Don't hesitate to let us know if you have any further questions.
    Kind regards

    Please note your unique ticket reference (#26753) and URL

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