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Vizlib Combo Chart v1.9.4 released!

Release Date: 26/07/21

- [LIB-9677]: Viztips Console Errors

Using Viztips in Vizlib Combo Chart causes for console log errors.

- [LIB-9656]:Mobile View Errors

Using Vizlib Combo Chart in mobile view causes for console log errors.

- [LIB-9498]: Expression Editor Loading Time

Expression editor in Vizlib Combo Chart takes time to load in QS version Feb 2021.

- [LIB-9399]:Tooltip Display

Using tooltip in a Vizlib Combo Chart with custom Minimum value causes the tooltip to be displayed out side of the chart.

- [LIB-9398]: Number Auto Format Ticks Display

IN a measure when using Auto number formatting option. The Y-axis ticks label display is wrong in small numbers.

- [LIB-9252]: Secondary Axis Title

Secondary axis title isn't displayed in Vizlib Combo Chart.

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