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Vizlib Toolbar v1.2.0 released!

Release Date: 30/07/21

- [VSS-2073]: Slide in / Floating mode

The Toolbar extension can now be hidden and only shown when needed. Press a button to let it "float" on top of the app or allow it to expand from the top or left by sliding in.

- [VSS-1764]: Toolbar editor design update

New design of the editor that will also allow us to add more features in coming releases.

- [VSS-2121]: Objects stick together after performing certain actions.

- [VSS-2120]: After we add new and move objects, and then we delete it, its shadow remains visible

- [VSS-2119]: Not possible to resize object when holding bottom-right corner

- [VSS-2061]: Wrong link to documentation in the about-section

- [VSS-2081]: Selections not possible when "always one selected value" is set on a field

- [VSS-2078]: Too much empty space in some scroll situations

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