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Vizlib Combo Chart v1.9.5 released!

Release Date: 20/08/21

- [LIB-9960]: Console Errors

Console errors appear after reloading the page on Story mode.

- [LIB-9798]: Display in Qlik Native Container

Vizlib Combo Chart inside Qlik Native Container freezes on multiple selections.

- [LIB-9684]: Alternate State Setting Section

The Alternate State section is displayed twice in the properties panel.

- [LIB-9585]: Y-Axis Labels Display

When using the "Auto" mode for the y-axis labels display,  the labels display rounded numbers.


- [LIB-9716]: Alternative Dimensions Labels

Alternative dimensions labels don't evaluate expression and change accordingly.

- [LIB-9589]:Tooltips and Legend Colors

 Tooltip and legend have a color mismatch when having multiple measures.

- [LIB-9101]: Chart Scale in Story Mode

When using a combo chart in a story. The chart doesn't scale properly.

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