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Vizlib Toolbar v1.3.0 released!

Release Date: 23/09/21

- [VSS-2213]: Drop-down variables improvements

Two smaller improvements to how variables are handled.

1. When using a calculated label we have improved the performance which stops the page from doing an extra (unnecessary) refresh. 

2. We changed the behavior for variable selections on drop-down. When a variable is clicked/selected the drop-down closes right away. 

- [VSS-2219]: Calendar design improvements

Some smaller tweaks to the design and added options to be able to make it fit in more nicely.

1. Changed the Select Date to use the output of the Label Expression (making it more flexible) 

2. Add option to hide the drop-down icon (allowing smaller calendar icon footprint)

3. Add option to change background color for calendar (overriding global item background color)

4. Add option to item border color for calendar (overriding global border color)

- [VSS-9945]: Toolbar rounded corners wrong when only showing one value

A single value now get rounded corners on both sides.

- [VSS-9915]: Toolbar layout is not same in Toolbar Layout Editor after adding elements from property panel

It was possible to accidentally change the Toolbar layout if items were added in the "wrong" order.

- [VSS-2212]: Switching multiple variables sometimes freeze the app

The issue occurred when the label was an expression with a variable and same variable that was being selected in the dropdown.

- [VSS-2214]: Fade is shown when not needed

Fixed how we calculate when fade area should be shown and not.

- [VSS-9919]: The initial length cannot be exceeded when the toolbar is expanded.

When using slide-in changing the size of the Toolbar was not possible beyond the initial size. (I.e. if it was set to expand to 30% of the screen initially we could not set it to for example 40%)

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