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Vizlib Ridgeline Plot v2.1.0 released!

Release Date: 01/10/21

- [LIB-10024]: Format for Time-Aware Axis Display

Users can select the date format display when using a time-aware axis display.

- [LIB-9822]: Master Item Number Formatting 

Numbers formatting for the the mini-charts are inherited from the master item measures.

- [LIB-9779]:Reference Line Display

Reference lines aren't displayed when the time aware axis feature is active.

- [LIB-9799]: Edit Color Schemes

Editing the color for the gradient display, results with deleting the specific colors display.

- [LIB-9784]: Console Log Errors

There might be a console log errors while adding Ridgeline Plot as a master item visualization.

- [LIB-9786]: Console Log Errors

Using the properties panel search, might cause an error in the console log.

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