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Finance - Allow multiple ExtraMappingIntervals

The Finance P&L Template currently allows mapping on two dimensions: the AccountField and ExtraMappingIntervals. Our GL has more than two dimensions to pivot off of in order to generate a full P&L. Please add the ability to add multiple ExtraMappingIntervals instead of just one.

Thank you!

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  • Hi,

    adding multiple dimensions to the template matching is not really a product feature. The template is there to get you started more quickly and give a suggestion of what could be a good data model. Matching with more fields (and many other things) are perfectly possible to do and can be done by any Qlik Sense developer with a little bit of data modelling experience. The Finance Report extension will work very well anyway.

    I recommend reading this section in the help to understand how you could even use the Finance Report without the template which will explain the technical solution in more detail.

    One of the reasons we don't include more fields for matching in the template is that it is relatively hard to do that in a generic way while maintaining performance in the script on larger data sets. Instead it is better to allow a bit of more customer specific coding and the developer can choose how to technically join/applymap/intervalmatch the data.

    Also, sometimes when you have multiple dimensions, a feasible option can be to simply combine two fields into one. (For example if you have an account number and a Division number that are both used for matching you can combine them to one longer number.)You might make the Excel slightly longer but you can keep the script more simple. The balance is up to you.

    All that said, please make sure you have understood the logic correctly.

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