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Vizlib Sankey Chart v1.9.0 released!

Release Date: 03/11/21

- [LIB-9815]: Measure Number Formatting

Measures display now support the number formatting on the measure that is set in the master item properties.

- [LIB-9968]: Selections Behavior

Enabling and disabling the multi select option, can cause problems with performing selections.

- [LIB-9965]: Sankey in Stories

Using Sankey chart in stories might cause some console log errors.

- [LIB-9967]: Selections Display

On some occasions selection aren't reflected in the chart.

- [LIB-10074]: Labels on Sankey draw randomly

Labels display changes randomly.

- [LIB-10059]: Hidden Dimensions Error

When you have a hidden dimension in the chart, the tooltip of the nearest dimension will display the values from the hidden dimension.

- [LIB-10057]: Disabling Tooltips

Disabling tooltip in the properties panel, doesn't hide the tooltips from the chart display.

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