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Change background color and font color and type on Title of Vizlib library items

I'd like to request the ability to update the background color, font color, and font type on the title of vizlib library products like you can on the KPI and the Tiles. In the screenshot below, I have a KPI, then a Tile, then a vizlib table. I'd like a consistent look between them, but I am unable to do so without "faking it" by putting the vizlib table within a container grid, and then changing the container grid active tab to look like the Tiles title. I've tested this out and it negatively impacts performance when you put many items into many different container grids compared with leaving the items as is. 


  • Hi Melissa,
    Thank you, for this idea
    ​We'll look to see  the technical possibility to do achieve this request, and when we can add this to our roadmap 
    Please note your unique ticket reference (#29418) and URL

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