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Vizlib Writeback Table & Vizlib Input Form v3.7.0 released!

Release Date: 30/11/21

- [CLB-2994]: [Writeback Table] Live Totals

Live Totals allows you to see how data changes applied in the table will affect given column totals - even before hitting the writeback button. This functionality requires all data pages to be loaded, so it might not be applicable for big data sets. Check out more here.

- [CLB-3016]: [Writeback Table] Reference Sum/Min/Max of a column in the Calculated Column

With Live Totals enabled, we can in addition reference one of three aggregations (MIN, MAX, SUM) in a calculated column using special syntax. Click here to learn more.

- [CLB-3109]: [Writeback Table] Improved rows deletion

We've updated how row deletion works in Writeback Table. In the new version deleted rows will be still visible in the table (so it's easier to add them back if removed by accident) until one confirms the writeback operation.

- [CLB-3118]: [Input Form & Writeback Table] Fix for radio button and multiple choice columns visuals

- [CLB-3164]: [Input Form & Writeback Table] Minor performance improvements

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