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Vizlib Custom Report Background Color Expression for Measures

I'm currently changing my Qlik Sense Pivot Tables into Vizlib Custom Reports. We're using a pre-defined variable to define the background color in the pivot table using "Background color expression" in the measure. 

I don't find this option in the Vizlib Custom Report. I'm able to change the extension's background color, but I need to change the measure color depending on my definitions in the variant. 

Is there any way to do that in the Custom Report as well? 

  • HI Nicole,

    You're welcome to ignore the below as I'm simply ensuring this question doesn't look unanswered on the forum

    If you'd like to achieve this you can use the created Pivot Table as a Mater Item Table, this will ensure the settings are carried other into the Custom Report but outside of that I do apologize there currently isn't a way to edit the background based on the Measure

    I've attached an app wherein the "Master Item Tables" you can see I have Qlik Tables set as Master Item, if you change the Custom Report to the "Small Report" you'll notice that the Same Measure colors change as it would do normally

    I believe I have provided a solution for the ticket you have raised with us. If for any reason the resolution provided is not to your complete satisfaction, however, please simply reply to this email.
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