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Vizlib Finance Report v3.13.1 released!

Release Date: 07/12/21

- [FR-1634]: Text overflow in Cell comments

Ugly overflow of text would occur on cell comments. 

- [FR-1629]: [Known limitation] Error when Include zero values is unchecked.

Improvements have been made to how the Finance Report handles zero values but since they are not handled perfectly in the native Qlik Sense Pivot Table either we have aligned with the native functionality rather than try to build something smarter/slower/more complex. This is how it works now when hide zero values is on:

Note how the "Value 2" for "Dim" is not shown. This is because the sum of the two values is 0 so that makes sense. What is potentially more unclear is why the two rows ('Subvalue 2' and 'Subvalue 3') are still in the list. Importantly though this is now consistent across all chart types. (The Native Table is included only as data reference since straight tables are different to Pivot Tables in how the data is handled.)

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