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Acion for VizLib Button to execute a partial reload of the app only without confirmation

The reload action has the option to execute a partial reload, which is very helpful to execute quicker reloads. But then to execute the partial reload, the user has to tick the partial reload box in the message box, that comes up to confirm, that the reload really shall get executed.

In my opinion, it's very easy for a user not to tick the partial reload and then the result will not be as expected and this will lead to discussions with the users.

Would it be possible to add a partial reload action to the VizLib button, so the designer can enforce a partial reload only?

This should be pretty easy to implement and would make the designing of the process more reliable.

Looking forward to hearing, your opinions on this idea.

Best regards,


  • Hi Dirk,
    This is a sound idea, we'll add this option during the coming year. 
    we'll add an option for the developer to activate partial reload as the default behavior 
    Please note your unique ticket reference (#30803) and URL

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