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Customer Report - Spinning Wheel

Hi all,

Can you improve the usage of the "defer layout update" option.

Because "once" you click on "update layout" we have no informations that something is running in the background.

A spinning wheel will be a very helpful information (espcially when you have a large data set and sometimes switching from a straight table to a pivot table can take a while !)



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  • Hi Benoît,
    Thank you for the suggestion. I agree it would be helpful with some sort of indicator that we are waiting for data from the Qlik engine. We will try to improve this in a future version.

    (The ticket you have submitted is now connected to our internal task for this development and you will be notified once the feature is released. The feature has not yet been prioritized so there is no planned timeline.)

    ​Kind regards


    Please note your unique ticket reference (#31235) and URL

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