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Vizlib Line Chart v5.1.0 released!

Release Date: 11/05/22

- [LIB-11170]: Export to XLSX (incl. forecasting)

Forecasted data exports to XLSX is now possible with this release of the Vizlib Line Chart. Right click on the Line Chart or access the Context Menu > Download as... > Export Data to XLSX with forecasting.

Note: Currently there is a limitation that we are working on when it comes to exporting forecasted data on Qlik Sense Cloud (SaaS) that we will be looking into achieving in an upcoming release.

- [LIB-10964]: Vizlib Line Chart Dashboard is causing slow downs

We have optimised a few areas within the Line Chart's code that will assist with speeding up the performance of the visualisation. This release of the Line Chart will have better performance than previous versions.

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