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I am using Vlzlib extensions in Qliksense. I just uploaded the vizlib collaboration and Library package.

My question is , what is the purpose of installing an Vizlib server? My guess would be in-order to use write back, I must use Vizlib server. I am not very clear on the purpose of having Vizlib server.

Can some one please clarify?



  • Without a server component you can still do very basic writeback and use our Finance comments solution online for trial/testing purposes.

    For more complex (realistic?) solutions and most production environments you would need Vizlib Server to control security and handle setups for Writeback with multiple users. 

    An introduction to server is found here and for Qlik SaaS environments check out the corresponding Vizlib Server documentation here.

  • Thank you Michael. Can I do write back to sql server table by just using the Vizlib write back table extension?

    I am using trial version and wanted to try that out. Do you have any sort of guides / videos' that I can refer in specific to write back to sql server table?



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