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Question about formatting KPI Value based on a dynamic Measure

I have a dynamic measure. Depending on the value selected in a field the resulting KPI could bae a huge number (Billions) a small number or a percentage.

I have tried auto, but then you will see decimals for small numbers (like 4.0) and that is not what we want.

I think I could make percentage work if the number is less than 1, but I struggle with with getting it to show 

35.1k in one situation and 31 if you filter farther down. I see 31.0 instead.

I have tried not formatting the value as a number and that might work, but I will have to clean up the decimal places on the way in and because this is dynamic that actually ends up being a lot of work. 

In this example you can see that if I use "Auto Number" format anything below 100 gets the two decimal places.


If I use the custom I can get the percent I want and lose the two decimal points, but I can never get the (k,m,b) instead of the full number.


I am probably making this more complex than it needs to be. Any assistance is appreciated.

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