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Vizlib Line Chart v5.2.0 released!

Release Date: 08/06/22

- [LIB-11163]: Support Export to XLSX (with Forecasting) on the Cloud

We finally have full support for exporting forecasted data on both on and off the Cloud!

In version 5.1.0 of the Line Chart we introduced the forecasted data exports and now in version 5.2.0 we introduce this capability in the Cloud.

- [LIB-11181]: Line Chart recalculating issue

We have improved the Line Chart so that it no longer needs to recalculate every time you re-enter a sheet with a Line Chart on it. 

- [LIB-11187]: Line Chart Produces Incorrect Auto Range

Some Line Charts are showing incorrect y-axis ranges, in particular those charts with the both primary and secondary y-axis. This has been fixed to represent the auto range correctly.

- [LIB-11084]: Line is missing when all data points have the same value

When data points have the same value, the line would disappear. A quick fix was implemented to rectify this issue. 

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