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Vizlib Table v3.19.1 released!

Release Date: 30/06/22

- [LIB-11253]: Vizlib Table inconsistent display on Nprinting reports

When Nprinting with the Vizlib Table v3.4.1 regardless of if Nprinting with Powerpoint or HTML, part or all of the columns were missing. We have released the fix that solves this issue.

- [LIB-11125]: Export to PDF from Vizlib Table is giving blank output

Export to PDF from Vizlib Table is giving blank output. It is impacting all the customers who is using Vizlib table so we quickly amended this problem.

- [LIB-11248]: Export Formatted Data to Excel' is creating a corrupted file

When you have a column with an expression (or link), the “Export Formatted Data To Excel“ option causes it to create a corrupted Excel file. We have made sure this error is no longer present with this release.

- [LIB-11124]: Application response is very slow when Vizlib table is used in the application

Some users experienced performance issues in Table loading speeds. We have fixed it in this release.

- [LIB-11180]: Conversion of Pivot Table v3.3.3 to Table v3.18.6 displays incorrect data

When users were converting the Pivot Table to the Table, this would sometimes result in incorrect data error being presented. We have fixed this with this release.

- [LIB-11209]: VL Table- Incorrect Formatted export format

The number format in the exported Excel is different from the Vizlib Table on Qlik App when using Formatted export. So we have fixed this problem in this release of the Vizlib Table.

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