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Analytics Search in Custom Report 6.0.0 and Above

In all previous versions prior to version 6.0.0 being released of the Custom Report Builder, when the Analytic Search is removed it didn't remove the functionality for the user to move the columns using the colored dimensions/metrics bars which were positioned at the top of the object. The users use this functionality to move the dimensions/measures. Can you add this functionality back to the object when the analytic search is turned off in the settings in all versions >6.0.0, in that it still enables the user to move the available dimensions/measures.

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  • Hi Tom,
    from version 6.0 and up the intention is to replace the old sort bar with the Analytic Search bar. We have no intention of bringing it back since it should be completely redundant.

    Are there any specific features you are missing in Analytic Search that make you want to use the Sort Bar instead? In that case perhaps we can add settings/features that could sort out your request.

    Kind regards


    Please note your unique ticket reference (#35011) and URL

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