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Vizlib Finance Report v3.16.0 released!

Release Date: 22/08/22

- [FR-1688]: Viztips Performance fix

The performance when using Viztips has now been improved. Note that using Viztips still has a significant performance impact so they should not be used in combination with larger data sets. This is especially true when multiple dimension levels are used. For single dimension charts the impact is relatively small.

- [FR-1636]: Comments indicator improvements (Tooltip and size)

The comments indicator now has a setting for size and can be made bigger for better visibility if needed. Also, the tooltip has been improved to show the number of comments in combination with the cell value. (Note that also the color of the indicator can be changed to suit other background colors if needed.)

- [FR-1723]: Finance - VERTICAL Navigation Irregularity on TOUCH (Tablet) Devices

When using Finance Report on the cloud with tablet devices the scroll did not work as expected. 

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