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Menu items with action to open Qlik app and pass selections


It would be great if menu items could be used to navigate between Qlik apps and also move selections between them. For now it' is only possible to hardcode the URL to another app.

In general - why the set of object actions is not common between all actions? Looks like it should be possible for most of the objects.


Przemysław Jedynowicz

  • Hi Przemyslaw,

    I do hope you're well, safe and having a wonderful week.

    Thanks for sending us this feature request to improve our products, this is to acknowledge that we have correctly received it and sent it to our Product Manager that will review it as soon as possible. It is is up to them to decide if this will be included in the product roadmap or not. Once your request will have been reviewed they will provide you with more information on the next steps.

    Please note that feature request tickets might have longer response and processing times than usual incident tickets, so please expect some delays in getting feedback.

    Regarding this feature request, we do have a workaround for you.

    You can achieve the require request by following the below steps:

    1. Create a Vizlib Button, and add the action opening an app with passing selections.
    2. After, save this button as a master item.
    3. Once saved as a master item, add the master item to the Vizlib Sheet Menu Plus Side Menu.

    Once again, thanks for your suggestions on how to improve Vizlib products! 

    Please note your unique ticket reference (#35368) and URL

    Daniel Adesanya
    Technical Support Engineer

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  • Hi Przemyslaw,

    Thanks for this feature request.

    A potential way of doing this could be to copy the URLs into a table in your 'Data Load Editor' and type out an expression that could lead you to the correct page.
    ID, URL
    1, uniqueURL1
    2, uniqueURL2
    3, uniqueURL3
    4, uniqueURL4

    Then you can use an expression to show a different URL based on your selections

    Please note your unique ticket reference (#35368) and URL

    Kind regards,
    Luke T
    Vizlib | Product Manager
  • Hi Przemyslaw,

    Okay, this may be challenging but an interesting feature nonetheless!
    I am curious to see how our community would use this feature (and if they want it). I will keep my eye on this FR.

    Tell me in basic terms how you/your company would like to use this feature.
    In the meantime, have you thought about common selections and making them into bookmarks? That may be a way around this at the moment.

    Please note your unique ticket reference (#35368) and URL

    Kind regards,
    Luke T
    Vizlib | Product Manager
  • Hi there

    Owing to a lack of customer validation and/or complexity, we’ve prioritised our delivery and decided not to develop this feature request. However, all feature requests are subject to a continuous review and if anything changes, we will reassess our decision.

    Kind regards


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