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Size too small of the data values displayed in a Vizlib Bar Chart

Hi community!

I am facing a problem with a Vizlib component : Vizlib Bar Chart (Version 3.2.1). I wanted to display the data values (the measure) next to each bar (the red circles in the screenshot "DataValues"). However, as you can see, their size is too small and I don't find the parameter in the component properties to change the font size. So, I tried to access to the properties of the component with the developer options (I added /options/developer in the URL), and I changed a property under "properties" and it worked (see the screenshot "Size"). Here is my question : Will the property that I changed be the same with an upgrade of the component ? I mean if we do this in a production environment and we change the property from there, do we have the insurance that the component will never changer after an upgrade ? The new values won't get overwritten by the default ones after the upgrade ? If it does, can you suggest another solution for me to make the size of the data values bigger ? Thank you in advance. 


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  • Hi Aziz,

    I hope you're well.

    Sadly any changes made to the properties section are temporary, and once you update it the changes will no longer appear.

    May I recommend in the Appearance --> Bar Data Values Formatting section, you set the Font Size Scale to Large (L)

    I believe this will be a more permanent solution across multiple versions of the Vizlib Bar Chart. 

    Also as you'd like to set a custom font size, I would recommend adding this as a feature request in our community here.
    This is the place where our customers can contribute to making our products even better by submitting new ideas for features! You will be able to share with other Vizlib customers and us why this would be a valuable and essential feature for us to consider implementing in the future (Please note that all requests are carefully reviewed by our Product managers, who then make the decision to include them in the Product roadmap or not).

    I would also suggest going through the various open requests to upvote/follow and also comment on the ones that are interesting to you (just like others will on your soon-to-be-submitted feature request), so we can increase the priority on them and make sure we consider the ones that make the most positive impact to our customers first!

    We will now mark this ticket as ‘Resolved’. As mentioned above, your request needs to be raised via the community using the link given. 
    Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any doubts or difficulty raising this Feature Request via the community. As this ticket is marked as ‘Resolved’, you can reply within the next 5 days before it moves to the ‘Closed’ status.

    Best regards,

    Please note your unique ticket reference (#35786) and URL

    Daniel Adesanya
    Technical Support Engineer

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