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Vizlib Line Chart - Forecast problem

Hello all,

I'm using the Vizlib Line chart and I want to enable the forecast feature.

I'm using as a first dimension a data in the format MMM-YY. Whenever I try to enable the forecast feature I receive the error: Cannot create forecast if first dimension is not a date

Does the forecasting feature has any sort of limitation in regards to the date format? Unfortunately for the chart in question I really need to use the specified format.

Can you help me please?

  • Hi Angelo,

    I do hope you're well, safe and having a wonderful week?

    Thank you for contacting us, I am sorry you're experiencing problems with Vizlib Line Chart.

    Regarding this, for the Dimension to be considered a date, it had to have the $date tag, which means Qlik Sense recognises it as a date. 

    Also please turn on the Timeaware Axis in Appearance --> X-axis

    We have provided a solution for the ticket you have raised with us. If, for any reason, the resolution provided is not to your complete satisfaction, however, please reply to this email within 5 days. 

    Please note your unique ticket reference (#36673) and URL

    Daniel Adesanya
    Technical Support Engineer

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