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Vizlib Table v3.21.0 released!

Release Date: 29/11/22

- [LIB-9210]: Static or dynamic total position

It is now possible to control if totals sit as the last row or at the very bottom of the table. When the Table is set to adjust the size after the content the total will be the last row (right after the rows of data). When it is set to fill it will position the total at the bottom. 

- [LIB-11339]: Image export using 3rd party printing service isn't working as expected

This fix should help with exports from Mail & Deploy. Note that the most recent version of that software is also needed.

- [LIB-11577]: Blank space between the rows on NPrinting

Relate to the new feature above. Totals should now also be in the correct position when printing.

- [LIB-11675]: PDF and NPrinting Shading on Table

A unwanted shading was accidentally added.

- [LIB-11658]: Misaligned columns

The table would in some situations get misaligned columns.

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