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Line / Bar chart and Persistent / Consistent Colors


Question here - how exactly do the persistent/consistent colors work for line charts and bar charts? (Note - the terminology is inconsistent between the two objects)

We have noticed that when this is checked, the colors for the lines / bars change, but not in any expected or consistent manner that we can detect.

For example, the following line chart changes colors when the checkbox is applied / removed based on the following custom colors. Note the colors shifting between the years:


Consistent colors:


without consistent colors:


However, a bar chart with the same colors applied and Persistent colors behaves differently:

Persistent Colors:


Without Persistent Colors:


All we're trying to do here is make the colors consistent across the entire app (and other apps as well) for each year, and this can't be done via the dimension colors because it'd have to be updated every year. I'm kind of lost as to how to achieve this correctly and I'm not sure if this behavior is a bug or not  because I don't fully understand how Consistent/Persistent colors are meant to work.


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