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Vizlib Custom Report v6.4.0 released!

Release Date: 07/02/23

- [VSS-11332]: Language change on dimension/measure titles isn't reflected on the chart

With the optimizations of Custom Report from version 6.0.0 it does no longer automatically update on every variable change. This has led to significant performance improvements. To still allow solutions where for example a language is switched using variables a new feature has been introduced to monitor only selected variables. Search for "variable" in the property panel to find the setting. Any number of variables can be added but only add the necessary variables in order to not introduce unnecessary calculations. 

This example shows how the language of dimensions and measures can be change using customizable buttons and a single variable. (Solutions with using field to change the variables is of course also possible. Just add the variable that the field impacts.

- [VSS-11252]: Can not export to data when user don't have the visualization button selected in analytic search

In situations where a specific visualization was not selected (i.e. auto visualization) the export did unfortunately not work as expected. The workaround was to select the visualization before export but now the bug is fixed and export works also for automatically selected visualizations.

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