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Vizlib Sheet Menu Plus v1.5.1 released!

Release Date: 13/02/23

- [LIB-11909]: Selections hidden behind top menu 

The selections menu was appearing over the confirm selection cross [ x ] and tick [ ✓ ] of an extension which was positioned at the top of your Qlik sheet.

- [LIB-11958]: On sheet change using the side menu, the top bar has an interrupted display

On Qlik Cloud, 'Ask insight' search was appearing when you had your Side Menu on the right and used this to change Qlik sheets within the same App.

- [LIB-11964]: Missing Options Top Menu Qlik Options

On Qlik Cloud, the sheet menu wasn't displaying any options for the Prepare options (i.e. data load editor).

- [LIB-11944]: Top Menu navigation wasn't registering mouse clicks

There was an issue where the top menu items were not being represented correctly or not being displayed. This has been resolved in this release.

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