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Vizlib KPI Designer v2.3.3 released!

Release Date: 17/02/23

- [LIB-12052]: Clone, Remove,Copy, Paste layer options aren't responding to selection

In edit mode on the KPI designer, you were unable to Clone, Remove, Copy and Paste existing layers.

- [LIB-11913]: Not always generated in the PPT exported report

At random, exporting the KPI Designer for PowerPoint, certain elements would not render completely.

- [LIB-12129]: Not printing when used in Mail and Deploy Report

For customers who are using Mail & Deploy, they were sometimes experiencing missing KPI Designers on their exports.

- [LIB-12057]: Selection in Vizlib Filter added as MI doesn't work when using the filter as a Master item inside a KPI Designer

You're able to use the Vizlib Filter as a master item once again. There was a bug which meant in the previous version of the KPI Designer you were unable to interact with the Vizlib Filter.

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