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Vizlib Container Grid v2.11.0 released!

Release Date: 27/02/23

- [LIB-9321]: New Context Menu and improvement to the Snapshot process

We have implemented a new Context Menu for the Vizlib Container Grid!

Seen in the images below we have made it possible to use the context menu of master items and simplified the action by allowing you to access the context menu of any chart anywhere when right-clicking inside the Vizlib Container.

In the below example the top 2 visualizations are the Vizlib Bar Chart and the Vizlib Table.

The below example is how to access the Snapshot capability for a specific chart

1. Right-click and access the context menu.

2. I can now select the Vizlib Bar Chart's Context Menu 

3. From the options presented, you can now select 'Take snapshot'. The Snapshot is taken instantly.

4. The Snapshot of the Vizlib Bar Chart is then found in 'Storytelling'.

See below of a video example

--- --- --- ---


There is no loader to indicate when a snapshot has been completed in this itteration of the Vizlib Custom Snapshot implementation.

Please wait for the next release where we will include it.

The Custom Snapshot works near instantly so wait 1 second and your visualisation should appear in the Storytelling mode.

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