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Vizlib Line Chart v5.3.0 released!

Release Date: 28/02/23

- [LIB-8769]: Select Dimensions in Vizlib Line Chart

You can select Dimension lines on the Vizlib Line Chart.

- [LIB-8122]: Limit dimension labels characters

Like in the Vizlib Bar Chart, the Vizlib Line Chart now has the option for 'character limit' so you can manually adjust the number of character to display on your axis.

- [LIB-11452]: Increase the X-Axis selectable area in the Line Chart

For line charts that have a horizontal dimension name, the selectable area on the X-axis to quickly select dimensions was very small. This has been increased to improve usability and user experience.

- [LIB-12030]:  Not all tooltips are presented always

There were cases where some tooltips would not always appear.

- [LIB-10381]: Cannot change line chart forecast line colour on a single line

You couldn't change the forecasting line colour for lines after the forecast point.

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