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Vizlib Finance Report v3.16.6 released!

Release Date: 31/03/23

- [FR-1766]: "A variable with this name already exists. Please choose another name" error message 

In some situations (typically when using more than one Finance Report on a sheet) this error message would show up. The problem was related to Viztips but could occur even when Viztips were not enabled.

- [FR-1765]: Dimension dropdown Scroll Bar Missing in Qlik Sense versions later than Nov 2022

The issue occurred when using a longer list of alternative dimensions. A scrollbar should show up but in Feb 2023 version of Qlik Sense it did not.

- [FR-1767]: Upgrading extension corrupted the measures

In later versions of Qlik Sense (tested Nov 2022) and in Qlik Cloud a measure could become corrupted and not show up in the visualization. (It would still exist in the property panel.)

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