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Vizlib Sheet Menu Plus v1.5.2 released!

Release Date: 04/04/23

- [LIB-12338]: Property panel amendments

We have made a change to the property panel for the Sheet Menu Plus that makes it more user friendly.

- [LIB-12096]: Selecting Destination Sheet enforces Sheet Name rather than given Name

We have made an update to the product when you have a title expression. Below is the logic:

If Title Expression = True (populated), 

    then display 'Title Expression' name in SM(+) top menu 


If Title Expression = False (unpopulated),

    then display the SM+ ‘Name’ (Fig 1) from the SM+ Property Panel for that specific menu item

- [LIB-11958]: [Cloud] On every sheet navigation the top bar has an interrupted display for a second

On every sheet navigation, there is a flicker in the top bar.

- [LIB-12254]: Top Bar Logo image doesn't appear on initial load

The Logo Image in the Top Bar of the SM Plus doesn’t appear on app initial load.

- [LIB-12147]: Doesn't work on small screen devices

When you try to preview the Qlik Sense app on a mobile device that has a small screen, many options of the Sheet Menu Plus are missing.

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