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Custom Report - Automatic Chart Selection for single dimension and measure should be bar



The above image is from the demo app, and I allowed Automatic Chart Selection. While the selection of Combo Chart is reasonable, I am unclear on why the measure is being displayed as a line. I'd suggest displaying a single measure/dimension combination as a bar unless the dimension is tagged as a date (in which case using a line is correct).

  • Hi Or,
    As always your feedback is much appreciated!

    The auto-selection of charts is based on a number of factors (more specifically # of dimensions, # of measures, # values in the first dimension, and if it is a map or a date field). Each factor together with a "weight" then calculates a score for each available visualization compared to the other available alternatives. (Remember that not all visualizations are always available.) The highest ranking visualization get the honor of visualizing your data. :-)  

    We do not based on the data control the individual settings for the chart (such as selecting line or bar). In this particular case I agree it would make sense. But we could also easily end up with a very similar case where it would not make sense and trying to cover all scenarios would in the end add a lot of complexity to the code. (Making it more difficult to maintain and, more importantly, prone to unexpected (buggy) behavior.)

    For now we are reasonably happy with the balance of the selected visualizations and will not change it.
    Kind regards

    Please note your unique ticket reference (#38792) and URL

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