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Vizlib Toolbar v2.0.3 released!

Release Date: 27/04/23

- [VSS-11272]: Drop-down displays outside the sheet

When adding drop-downs on the left side of the sheet they would sometimes display outside the sheet.

- [VSS-11507]: Inconsistency with Qlik Sense Filter Sorting

Sorting on state ascending/descending was in the opposite order to native Qlik Sense.

- [VSS-11478]: Existing visualization layout changes on version update

With the major update to version 2.0 some unwanted changes in the visualizations were introduced. This task fixes for example font color on non-selected items, rounded corners for a single value and the horizontal padding on selection bar items. Note that vertical adjustment is still possible but requires a changed setting "Use main axis alignment" since this will impact performance significantly. (Technical reason is that we do not have support for that in CSS and have to calculate it "manually" in JavaScript which is a lot slower and less responsive.

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