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Vizlib Table v3.22.1 released!

Release Date: 16/05/23

- [LIB-12146]: Recalculation of Table on Selection

Table performed recalculations every time a selection was made.

- [LIB-12492]: Horizontal Scroll bar reverts to first column when trying to use the Vertical Scroll 

When scrolling the table using the horizontal scrollbar and then clicking on the vertical scrollbar, the horizontal scrollbar resets.

- [LIB-12432]: Indicator in Totals won't respect the actual color if color is loaded via DLE

When specifying a color in the indicator property then the colors are displayed correctly. However, if a variable is used to define the colours then inconsistencies would occur in the Totals row.

- [LIB-12435]: Unable to view the export options in Qlik SaaS Government

When trying to right-click on the Container Grid in the Qlik SaaS Government environment, customers don’t see the Export option for the Vizlib Table within.

- [LIB-12375]: Export formatted data to Excel doesn't keep all the formats 

When you export the formatted Vizlib Table with the option “Export Formatted Data to Excel“, not all formats are kept.

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