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Vizlib Bar Chart v4.2.0 released!

Release Date: 15/05/23

- [LIB-12092]: Automatic X-Axis padding

This option can be found in Appearance > X-axis > Axis auto padding.

Like the Vizlib Line Chart, you can define Axis padding to assist in displaying X-Axis titles or to provide breathing room to the visualisation sides and Y-Axis

Note: The Bar Chart X-Axis presentation must be set to Vertical and Dimension Labels Position is set to Tilted (otherwise, only slider for Axis padding should be displayed).

- [LIB-11655]: Scrollbar update 

We have added an option to change the scrollbar for the Vizlib Bar Chart found in Appearance > Presentation > Scrollbar type. We now have the following options

  • Mini chart

    • Presents a mini-cart scrollbar which can be interacted with by scrolling and resizing

  • Advanced

    • You can interact by scrolling and resizing

  • Basic

    • You can only interact by scrolling (This is a fixed with determined by the number of bars you want to show by the 'Set Threshold Limit' property)

- [LIB-11962]: Bar Chart doesn't render at random in Story export

Some users were encountering moments when the Vizlib Bar Chart would not render on a Qlik Story export.

- [LIB-12431]: Overlap type presentation disappears when enabling Data values for measure

When setting the Data Values to show, the Overlap type presentation in Appearance, it is not available.
On setting this to Hide, the Overlap type reappears.

As a result of this, we have improved the description of the field.

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