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Adding of Wrap text in headers and columns in vizlib table

Please add the wrap text option to the vizlib table for both headers and columns. Currently this option is already available in the Default Qlik sense table. 

My problem was that i wasn't able to do Wrap text in the headers and columns as currently we do not have any options to do that in the vizlib table.

I have attached the snapshot of the available option which the default Qlik table chart has.

Wrap text.PNG
(3.87 KB)
  • Hi Rommel,

    I am not entirely sure what you are looking to achieve here because our Vizlib Table automatically wraps your text if the cell text is longer than the cell width.
    See the attached video.

    Please can you send an example (QVF, Video, more images) of what your Table looks like/what you are trying to achieve because I am unable to assist as natively our Vizlib Table does this already.
    - What does your table look like?
    - What do you want it to look like?

    Please note your unique ticket reference (#39599) and URL

    Kind regards,
    Luke T
    Vizlib | Product Manager
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