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Vizlib Table - Known Limitations

This is a non-exhaustive list of known limitations of the Vizlib Table capabilities. These limitations are pre-dominantly set by the Qlik API we are using or sometimes caused by Qlik bugs - others are limitations which we are planning to alleviate in the future.

  1. If one of the dimensions used in the table is an aggregated dimension, the sparklines will not work properly
  2. Vizlib Table Search functionality in Qlik Sense June 2017 release, suffers in a scenario when two different apps are loaded into one mashup. This is not the case with subsequent versions of Qlik Sense.
  3. Dynamic Resizing & Column reordering in analysis mode is only stored in the session and reset when entered the app. In the future this stored your configuration into favourites will be possible.
  4. The Vizlib Table Search functionality has been affected by a bug in the Qlik API introduced with April 2018 (ID QLIK-88628) and is not working as a result.
  5. Right-Click Context Menu does not work in Mashups.
  6. When exporting Table data to XLS/CSV etc., the totals won't be included in the exported file. This is a Qlik limitation.
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