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Features & Installation

The Vizlib Combo Chart is a highly-customisable extension for Qlik Sense that allows you to explore trends and compare different sets of data. Combining some of the most powerful features of the Vizlib Bar Chart and Line Chart, it enables you to extract more meaningful insights at a glance. With the possibility to add a benchmark, reference lines and interactivity, you can easily enrich your data with more context and deliver a truly intuitive user experience.

1. Installation

2. Features

1. Installation

How to Install the Vizlib Library on your Qlik Sense Server 

How to Install the Vizlib Library on Qlik Sense Desktop 

2. Features

  • Fully customisable Combo Chart with rich formatting options

  • Choose between Bar, Line/Area, Icon or Symbol for to visualize your data points

  • Wide selection of symbols as data point representations

  • Benchmark bars

  • Custom tooltip with HTML support

  • Ability to add reference lines for both the x and the y-axis

  • Horizontal and Vertical Display Mode

  • Support for Alternative Dimensions & Measures

  • Full interactivity support and ability to turn native functionality off

  • Support for Alternate States

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